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One Love

June 17, 2011

Hi everyone! I know, I know… do you even remember me??? This hiatus is killing me, and I had to jump back in for a quick sec to spread the word about an awesome Chicago running team.


One Love is a charity created to honor the life of Yeardley Love, who was tragically killed on the University of Virginia campus in 2010. The charity is focused on supporting young adults and helping them down a path to a brighter future. Yeardley’s family and friends have been active for over a year in support of this cause.

A group of these friends will be running the Chicago Rock ‘n Roll Half marathon in August, all to spread the word about One Love. If you or someone you know is in Chicago, I hope you will come out to support them on race day. If not, please take a moment to visit their website:

…or make a donation:

Click to link to the donation page

Thanks 🙂 See you on race day!


March 17, 2011

Spotted this on one of my favorite blogs the other day, and immediately thought of my friend Emmy. You might remember her guest post from a while back. It’s worth another read if you are feeling stuck in a rut these days, or just need a little inspiration. Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

Run Free pillow cover from Etsy.

Today’s the day!!!

February 23, 2011


Click the pic to go to registration


I am so excited and beyond amazed that this will be my FOURTH year at MCM! And this year, I’m going to be joined by some very exciting newcomers (more on that later 😉 ).

So everyone get registered, and let me know if you are interested in joining our MCM team!

Pumped! (obviously!)

February 21, 2011

All quiet on the lakefront. Exactly 4 months until summer.


Happy Sunday

February 20, 2011


The gang loses their minds…

February 11, 2011

It’s becoming pretty apparent to me that my family’s a bunch of running freak-o’s. The other day I logged onto Facebook, only to see the following(in order from least surprising to totally mind blowing):

Brother James got on those new Merrell’s before they even settled on the store shelves. This is not so surprising. My brother is a warrior. But I am a little jealous that he got a pair before me. Grrrrr…

My sis got the Vibs! This is a little crazy to me. But in a good way! I’m so inspired to do the same after seeing this. I can’t believe that just a year ago, she was swearing up and down that she would NEVER be a runner. LOVE IT.

Ok. Pardon my French, but the blew my f!@*ing mind. This is my 14 YEAR OLD sister. She recently (and VERY casually) mentioned that she might try the MCM 10k in 2011… and now she’s busting out 2.5 miles! I love that her announcement gathered 13 comments. I believe mine was, “Is this real?????”

It is.

And you know what is totally crazy? I think I started all of this. And that just makes my heart feel like it’s going to explode. Love you all, you crazy running freaks.


February 2, 2011

Yes!!!! After months of waiting for Merrell to release their new line of “barefoot” running shoes, they have finally arrived!



I recently decided that THIS would be the year I try the barefoot approach, so I am especially psyched about Merrell’s release. I was a little nervous to go the route of Vibram’s Five Fingers (I just wanted a little more support for my first attempt) and this new version seems to be the answer to my prayers. I’m planning on picking up this pair as soon as I can get my greedy little hands on them:

I’m also in love with the fact that Merrell loaded up their web site with lots of tips for beginners and even a seasoned barefooter’s blog (I don’t know if “barefooter” is a word, but whatever).

Anyone else thinking of trying these this spring?